EuroSPARC 2016 in Oxford

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EuroSPARC 2016 in Oxford

Messaggio da teppic » 01 apr 2016, 12:34

Segnalo questa opportunità, per la prima volta in europa:

EuroSPARC 2016

SPARC is a summer camp that helps talented high school students apply their quantitative thinking skills to their lives and the world.

SPARC has been running in the US since 2012, and is known for being one of the top math summer programs in the country. Every year since 2013, over half of the USA IMO team (and some of the Canadian and Mexican teams) has attended SPARC.

This year, we are extending SPARC out of North America. We will be holding a new program, EuroSPARC, in Oxford and are inviting participants from all over the world.
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